Our products

A quote of the apples we produce is destined to fresh consumption, and a quote is used for the production of juice. To get 1 liter of this product we use around 1,5/1,6kg of fresh apples, which are cold-pressed, then the juice is partially filtered and pasteurized at 80C for a perfect conservation, without additives, sugar or whatever.
All you find in the bottle, aromas, flavors and fragrances are the result of a perfect combination of microclimate, soil and altitude (750m).
It's a thirst-quenching product that can be drunk as it is or diluted with water or beer, so to get the famous Fagibier. During winter it ca be drunk warm and flavoured with spices. It's a product that exquisitely matches cakes and biscuits. Do not understimate also its nutritional intake: it's also indicated as a supplement after sport activity.
In our farm the blackcurrant is grown not for its fruit, but for the gems, which are used in natural medicine.
Blackcurrant is one of those plants which various parts are used so that you can have different therapeutic activities. Its more common use is in the form of sprouts or glycerine macerate.
This is an herbal liquid preparation, obtained from fresh tissues of the buds, in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin.
The buds are rich in essential oils, flavonoids and glycosides, in this preparation, help the body to react to inflammations.

Our farm is a small family-company located in Faedo, Our production consists of Golden Delicious apples from organiz cultivation and Pinova, organic apple juice and blackcurrant buds. The fields are located in the green of the meadows and woods, and therefore not affected by pollution from neighboring crops or problems related to vehicular traffic.